Advisory Board Members

Our team is made up of leading figures in the fields of Dimestic Violence and Sexual Harassment Prevention, Professors of Psychology and Sociology. Corporate Security and Education Specialists as well as world renown Conflict Managements Experts.

Domestic abuse, sexual violence, harassment and controlling behaviours advisor

Lyndsey Dearlove

Head of UK SAYS NO MORE (campaign to end domestic violence and sexual assault) and leading figure in supporting victims of Domestic Violence and Sexual Harassment

Psychology of aggression / violence and controlling behaviour advisor

Dr. Everard Phillips

Leading expert in coercive behaviour, kidnapping and extortion and visiting lecturer at the International Research Centre for Investigative Psychology

Corporate security and executive protection advisor

Paul Beesley

Close protection and corporate security specialist working with one of the world’s leading private security firms

Head of research and social development programmes

Dr. Karl Broome

Independent researcher focusing on issues surrounding toxic masculinity and its effects on sexual harassment and controlling behaviour

Education and young person’s advisor

Nicola Clements

Working with young people to enable them to achieve their goals and ambitions

Close range conflict management and physical skills advisor

James Sinclair

Founder of the UK Wing Chun Kung Fu Association and one of the UK’s leading martial arts instructors